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Previous page Lionel NACCACHE MD, PhD, PU-PH, Sorbonne University, AP-HP Team “Physiological investigation of clinically normal and impaired cognition”


Laurent Cohen, Lionel Nacache and Paolo Bartolomeo’s team is devoted to the study of cognitive functions with an exclusive or prevalent development in humans, namely language and conscious cognition. The study of brain-damaged patients occupies a central position in its methodological approach. For the study of both language and consciousness, and with both patients and healthy subjects, it resorts to state-of-the-art behavioural methods and multimodal brain imaging.

Research work

Lionel Naccache is co-leader of Physiological Investigation of clinically normal & impaired cognition team at the ICM, and is Professor of Physiology at the Pitié Salpêtrière hospital and University of Paris. He received a MD in 1998 and a PhD in Cognitive Science in 2002. He is nominated “Rising Star of Psychology” by the Association of Psychological Science in USA in 2009. He received in 2011 the prize Goff Lemonon Houry Laveran of the Academy of Sciences.