Second Neuroethics Network meeting

Research Published June 12 2015
Image : Deuxième colloque de Neuroéthique
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The second Neuroethics Network meeting was held at ICM June 17-19 2015, on the theme “Clinical Neuroethics: Bench to Bedside”, in partnership with Inserm.

The 21st century is being called “the century of the brain” and as ICM takes a leading role in research to unlock the secrets of the human brain, rapidly advancing brain science is raising new profound ethical questions. To address these challenges, the second Neuroethics Network meeting was held at ICM June 17-19 2015.

The theme of this year’s meeting, “Clinical Neuroethics: Bench to Bedside,” focused on the ethical issues that arise when advancing neurotechnologies are applied to patient care. Neuroscientists and ethicists from around the world will discuss actual cases drawn from various areas of brain science research.

Some of the questions included: What is Consciousness and how is it possible? How are we going to handle the predictive biomarkers of late onset neurodegenerative diseases? How should we evaluate the informed consent in patients with consciousness or psychiatric disorders who can benefit from neurosurgery? The efficacy of DBS in treating pathologies may often result in psychological and social maladaptation in ways unanticipated by patient and family. How should the resulting ethical issues be addressed?

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