The core facilities of the ICM provide scientific support for researchers at all stages of their projects: from the molecule to the person. These facilities are organized in six thematic groups called silos.
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The role of bioinformatics is to assure the collection of data from various sources, their storage and organization, as well as to provide tools for management of the data, their analysis and their interpretation, using specialized methods and sophisticated statistics.

The Bioinformatics silo comprises two teams: “Databases and Datawarehouse” and “Bioinformatics/Biostatistics.”

The pole “Databases and Datawarehouse” creates relational databases, Web interfaces, assures data flow, storage and simple restitution of data on demand. The data model common to these bases is shared by different domains (clinic, biology, genetics, neuropsychology, environment, images, evolution of diseases, raw and analysed data, diagnosis…). The data are then extracted and referenced in the datawarehouse and datamarts for statistical analysis.

The “Bioinformatics/Biostatistics” platform develops two types of expertise: treatment of genetic and omics (genomic, transcriptomic, epigenomic) data produced, in particular, by high-throughput sequencing, providing tools and accompanying the projects; biostatistics, with a specific interest in the conception and utilisation of advanced methodologies for the integration of multimodal data (clinical, genetic/omic and neuroimaging observations).

Scientific director: S. Durrleman.
Director of operations: I. Moszer.