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ICM provides a vibrant atmosphere where researchers, clinicians, companies and patients meet, can share, work together and develop the medicines of tomorrow. This is happening today at ICM, in Paris, where we will be glad to welcome you !

Developing innovative solutions for patients is key to our mission, and ICM has assembled more than 600 researchers recruited internationally to have a strong neuroscience research rooted in the largest Neurology practice of France. With nearly 100 000 neurological patients coming to Pitie-Salpetriere hospital each year for out-patient consultations, our Institute stands right in the center of where diseases are seen and managed. To understand in depth the disease, the same clinicians who have contact with patients in regular clinical practice are also involved in preclinical and clinical research within ICM – working at understanding normal and pathological brain states.

This is still not enough: To really make a difference, research collaborations with bright minds worldwide are essential to us. This holds true for our international academic network that is reflected in the variety of nationalities amongst our students and researchers, and is also true for our vivid interactions with private researchers of fields going from molecular diagnostics to digital health. This is why ICM decided, since the designing of the building, to incorporate a startup incubator, a clinical investigation center and high-standard core facilities to really create a perfect ecosystem for the emerging of new diagnosis and therapies.


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