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Support the ICM is to directly support research and participate in a great scientific and human adventure to overcome tomorrow the diseases of the brain and spinal cord
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To search, the ICM needs funds, to find, it needs time. With a recurrent donation, everyone wins!


– You spread out your donation over the year: it’s easier!
– You receive only one fiscal receipt for the year: it’s practical!
– You will receive fewer solicitations: it’s economical!
– You accompany us long term: it’s a privileged relationship!
– You’re free to change the amount or the frequency, or suspend payment when you wish by a simple telephone call to 01 57 27 47 56 or by email to it’s simple!


– We benefit from a regular income: that means less risk of interrupting a project
– We know in advance what our budget is: it facilitates planning!
– We make savings on the treatment of checks and the emission of fiscal receipts (only one fiscal receipt will be sent to you each year): it’s fewer management fees and thus more funds for research!


We are at your disposal! Contact us at 0157 27 47 56 or with our contact form.