Previous page Nicole FAUCON-BIGUET Senior researcher INSERM, scientific adviser Team "Biotechnology et biotherapy" (Bio-Modeling in Neurodegenerative Diseases)


Nicole Faucon Biguet obtained a PhD in virology at the University of Lyon, France. After this training in biology and virology she was interested by the molecular biology developments in the field of neurobiology. In this perspective, she carried out with the group of Jacques Mallet the first cloning of a neurotransmission-related gene: the tyrosine hydroxylase, coding for the rate-limiting enzyme in the synthesis of catecholamines. Thereafter, she has actively contributed to the cloning of other genes coding for several enzymes implicated in the synthesis of different neurotransmitters. In the follow-up of her scientific work, she is presently collaborating with Rolando Meloni on the generation of animal models for the functional studies of genes implicated in neuropsychiatric diseases, particularly Parkinson’s disease.


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