Previous page Alberto BACCI PhD, DR1, CNRS Team “Cellular physiology of cortical microcircuits”


Alberto Bacci joined the ICM in 2011, with him team Cellular physiology of cortical microcircuits. He received a MSc in 1994 and a PhD in experimental pharmacology and therapeuthics from University of Milano in 2000,and did postdoctoral work at the Department of Neurology of Stanford University. He is recipient of several awards and his research has been and is currently supported by the ERC, Giovanni Armenise-Harvard Foundation, NARSAD.

Research work

Alberto Bacci’s team aims at gaining more detailed information on the properties of neocortical interneurons, using a combination of electrophysiological, cellular, biochemical and morphological techniques. The ultimate goal of his research is to understand the functional relevance of these different neuron subtypes within cortical circuits.