The missions of the IHU-A-ICM

The mission of the IHU-A-ICM is to conduct projects of excellence in care, training and technology transfer in the field of research on the diseases of the nervous system. Its priority is to foster the development of innovative preventive, diagnostic or therapeutic products and procedures.
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The objectives of the IHU-AICM, Paris Institute of Translational Neuroscience, are:

  • the development of international level research on diseases of the nervous system (neurology and psychiatry),
  • the creation of top level technological platforms,
  • capitalization on the results of research,
  • development of research partnerships with industry,
  • training of future health professionals,
  • administration of health and the health-related industries,
  • improvement of care and transfer of care from the hospital to the home of the patients.



In July 2010, the Ministry of Higher Education and Research and the Ministry of Health launched a call for projects to create the IHU – Instituts Hospitalo-Universitaires (Hospitalo-University Institutes), in the framework of the program «Investissements d’avenir» (Investments for the Future).
With a budget of 850 million euros, this call permitted the emergence of centers of excellence, which will reinforce the attractiveness of France in the field of health-related research. Each I.H.U. associates, around a specialty, a university, a health center and research establishments. Six projects were selected on the basis of their exceptional quality.