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Team “Sensory Spinal Signaling ”


Spinal circuits underlying locomotion
Main domain: Neurophysiology
Subdomain : Molecular & cellular neuroscience

Claire Wyart’s team investigates the neuromodulatory pathway coming from the brain and within the spinal cord and its effects on locomotion and posture. The team is interested in the circuits referred to as reticulospinal neurons (RSNs) that trigger locomotion in the hindbrain.


The main objectives are:

  • To study how inner physiological states via neuromodulation and release of peptides change the activity of RSNs and CSF-contacting neurons.
  • To pursue the investigation of the mechanisms linking CSF and body-axis formation, scoliosis and host defense.
  • To constitute new translational paths involving the Prof. Moussellard in order to provide new insights into the mechanisms of recovery after torsion of the spine, spinal injury or pathogen invasion in the CSF.

Major publications


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Team members

  • Pierre-Luc BARDET

    Principal Investigator, PhD, MCU, Sorbonne University

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