The ICM is part of a national, European and international network, bringing together the major research centers in order to meet the training missions.
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The Institute develops innovative programmes in order to promote excellence in education in the field of neuroscience and related nervous system diseases. The ambition of the ICM educational and training programmes is to provide a learning place where interactions are interdisciplinary. Ambitious cross-disciplinary trainings have become key elements for future stakeholders to develop innovative solutions to specific challenges in neuroscience. Dedicated to participants (such as students, young/senior researchers, clinicians or engineers) of both national and international origins, these programmes were set up to develop training and share expertise, as well as contribute to the Institute’s visibility and attractiveness. These programmes are based on a translational research approach of nervous system diseases, public-private partnerships, medical and technological innovation, and international alliances. The ICM works alongside with the Sorbonne Université, one of the most renowned higher-education institutions in France, and the first French university.

The ICM aims at developing collaborations with expert institutions in complementary fields in order to meet cross-disciplinary needs. The Institute declines a range of innovative and pilot programmes:

  • programmes focused on research: events, overseas experience, exchange of knowledge including: student exchanges, workshops, and visiting professors to share knowledge and support young students.
  • programmes focused on clinical aspects: double qualification, overseas experience including: clinical exchanges with international hospitals, clinical fellowships for international certified neurologist and paramedical trainings.
  • programmes focused on interdisciplinary aspects: cross-disciplinary qualification, intensive experience including: the yearly Brain to Market Summer School: an executive education intensive programme combining translational neuroscience and entrepreneurship training. A five-day meeting including neuroscience and entrepreneurship courses takes place at the ICM. This programme aims at developing both a new mindset and the skills required to innovate and make a real difference for patients, research and development.