"iPEPS-ICM" stands for bioincubator of enterprises Paris-Salpêtrière. It is the first accelerator of innovation dedicated to brain diseases in France, and already hosts more than 15 start-up partners of the Institute.
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The bioincubator « iPEPS-ICM » opened its doors in 2012 and houses companies engaged in a strong partnership with the ICM. The bioincubator offers a unique environment, thanks to more than 600 researchers and physicians present in the ICM, and thanks to the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital, the largest neurological hospital in France (more than 90000 patients per year). iPEPS-ICM aims at accelerating the transformation of ideas into products, by furnishing an ideal context for the development of breakthrough projects.

iPEPS-ICM is more precisely:

  • 1000 m2 of office space/laboratories
  • Indivdualized secured space
  • Access to 7000 m2 of cutting-edge core facilities (cellular imagery, human neuroimagery, histology, lentiviral transgenesis, molecular biology, etc.)
  • Access to the Clinical Investigation Centre (1200 m2)
  • Access to the equipment of the building (meeting rooms, video conferencing, cafeteria, etc.)

iPEPS-ICM furnishes business support for the incubated enterprises, thanks to a team of science-business experts with strong competencies in networking for implantation in Europe and a cell dedicated to the preparation of responses to calls for projects and grant requests.

iPEPS-ICM hosts enterprises developing new drugs as well others specialized in medical technologies, as for example reading headsets and EEG (electrical brain waves) analyses. The structure also host start-ups developing new diagnostic solutions in order to treat the patients earlier, or tools for « connected health » like the video games that help maintain the autonomy of elderly persons… There again, openness is a source of potential partnerships and creativity at the service of patients.