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Saeko Ishida received her Ph.D in Medicine from Kyoto University in Japan, 2012. During her Ph.D she studied two rat models of epilepsy, Kcna1 (Ishida et al., Brain Res. 2012) and Lgi1 mutant rat (Baulac & Ishida et al., Hum Mol Genet. 2012). During her post-doc in the "Genetics and Physiopathology of Familial Epilepsies" lab (2012-2016), she was trained in human genetics and contributed to identify a causative gene of focal epilepsies, DEPDC5 (Ishida et al., Nat Genet. 2013). She characterized a Depdc5 knockout rat (Marsan & Ishida et al., Neurobiol Dis. 2016). In March of 2016, she moved to Tokyo medical dental university as an Assistant professor.